Grant Report Requirements

  1. A final report must be sent to the Foundation by the date specified in the award letter.

  2. Applicants must wait ten months before applying for a renewal grant.

  3. New proposals should not be submitted at the same time as the final report for the previous grant.


In cases where the prior year’s grant funds have not been entirely spent, please title the report “Interim Report” rather than “Final Report,” and send a final report when the prior year’s funding has been fully spent.

​The report (no more than three or four pages in total) should contain the following information:

  1. A brief summary of the project and its goals

  2. An assessment and analysis of whether the intended outcome was realized

  3. A description of any unforeseen challenges and what was or will be done to address them

  4. A copy of the original budget, as well as the actual revenues and expenses 

  5. An explanation of any variance from the original budget (differences between original budget figures and actual revenues and expenses)

  6. A list of additional funding that was secured